August 11, 2020

Agnostic Explorations

The word “Agnostic” comes from the Greek meaning “unknowing” and “unknowable.”In the fly leaf of his book, The Christian Agnostic by theologian Leslie Weatherhead,(1965)it states,”the word agnostic  is not to be taken to mean one who denies the existence of all phenomena save the material. The Christian Agnostic is one who tries to meet the challenges of life in a Christian spirit , but who does not feel that the great truths about God, church and people, about God,evil, sin, survival, heaven and hell can be neatly enclosed in the verbiage of orthodoxy.”

This describes the reason for our group, Agnostic Explorations. Unlike atheists we believe in a creative being beyond ourselves which we call God but who cannot be fully known.

We choose materials that examine the evolution of our consciousness  as it is influenced by theology, spirituality and science, and attempt to explore more deeply the unknowable mystery of creation by reflecting on the writings and ideas of others, as well as our own experience.

We finish about 8.30pm, then have a cool drink and cookie, and everyone is out by 9.00pm. Everyone is invited!  Contribute to the discussion, or just listen.  Your choice!

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