August 18, 2019

Faith & Life Ministry

The Faith & Life Ministry plans programs to encourage people in the parish, diocese and community at-large to explore and learn more about their faith and to challenge their thinking.

This year, the Faith & Life Ministry once again organized the publication of Advent Reflections, short writings by parishioners, based upon the Lectionary.  Reflections began on November 30, the first day of Advent, with a short piece by the Dean, and ended on December 25 with a piece by the Bishop Of Ontario, The Rt. Rev. Michael Oulton.  Lectionary readings are included, as well as the personal thoughts of parishioners.

The booklet was available in the church and was downloadable from the website.  Advent Reflections  was delivered to our parishioners who are not able to attend services.

The F&L Ministry will be publishing a booklet of Lenten Reflections 2016 rather than Advent Reflections 2015.  Once again, parishioners have written short pieces connecting to the Daily Office Lectionary for Lent 2016, that starts February 10!

We anticipate having an Agnostic Explorations series in the fall.  Notice will be in the Sunday Bulletin and on this website.

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