October 24, 2020

Kingston Faith and Justice Coalition

Meetings are held in the Library at St. George’s (enter off Wellington St.) on the fourth Monday of each Month from 7–9 p.m.

The Group is part of a much larger international movement that seeks
to raise awareness of the many injustices in the world.  We do this by
studying issues and acting in partnership with other groups.

Our focus is to act as an advocate for justice Locally, Provincially,
Nationally and Internationally. We do this by studying articles and books written by concerned people. Our faith mandates that we strive to help society and Governments change unjust laws. We do this by our witness at critical events and writing letters to institutions and people in authority.

By our actions, we hope educate the public and stimulate changes that
will create a fair and just society.

Topics and concerns include Founding Peoples, World Food Security,
Clean Water, Poverty, Environment, Prison Reform, PWRDF, KAIROS.

If you have any questions about this group or wish to join them please
contact Leigh at office@stgeorgescathedral.ca


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