October 24, 2020

Welcome Guild

The Welcome Guild of St. George’s Cathedral Church is the main point of connection for visitors, guests, and newcomers to the Cathedral who seek a place of spiritual belonging, companionship, and hospitality.  The Welcome Guild also fosters continuing connection among members of the general congregation.   We are one in the body of Christ.

Established in 2019, the Welcome Guild represents the congregation’s commitment to being the best Christian community we can be for our wider community, newcomers, and our own congregation.

Its activities begin with the Welcome Desk in the Cathedral narthex where members of the Guild work with the Sidespeople to ensure that individual congregational needs are met as they arise.  Visitors and newcomers are invited to join us in worship and in fellowship after service, welcomed, and given such guidance as they may require.  If the newcomers and visitors wish to make closer connection with the Cathedral, Guild members can help with that.

The aim of the Welcome Guild is full hospitality.  This means developing programs and activities to connect us better with each other and those who may come to join us.  It means working with Pastoral Care, the Prayer Chain, Fellowship, and other existing Cathedral people-centred activities to ensure that individual needs are known and help is made available when required.  It means being open to our general community in a way that answers spiritual needs for a richly diverse community.  We welcome diversity.

Anyone interested in joining the Welcome Guild should contact the church office where he/she will be put in touch with the current Coordinators.  We are keen to discern new ways of looking at our church life so please bring your ideas!

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