September 30, 2016

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Rev. Don Davidson


The most pivotal reality of the Christian faith, is that we are not to be fearful of things coming to an end.  The proclamation of the empty tomb of Easter is that even death is a necessary stage on the way to resurrection. Things must come to an end for new things to grow and develop.  It might seem a little odd to have such a clearly Paschal message at the beginning of September,  but the model of our Church year expects that every Sunday will be a little Easter; a little reminder that we are a people of resurrection and new life.

And so at this time in the year when so much of our regular schedule begins to restart after a summer hiatus, it is a joy for me to write a word of “welcome back” or perhaps just “welcome.”  It is time to start a new beginning together as the people of St. George’s Cathedral

This new Autumn beginning marks for me a series of endings, which have given rise to an exciting new beginning.  After 12 years of very rewarding ministry at St. George’s of Forest Hill in Kitchener, I drew things to a close in August.  At the same time, I came to the end of 23 years of service in the ministry of the Diocese of Huron.   Those endings were the necessary precursors to beginning a new ministry as Dean of Ontario.

    I am excited to come as your Dean and Rector,  and I look forward to getting to know you all as we work together to build up the Kingdom in all the places where our church touches the world God loves.

Rev. Don