September 17, 2019

Welcome to St. George's Cathedral
in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

          Ruel Strachan 11, Seminarian in the Diocese of Bahamas  and Turks & Caicos Islands

"During my time in seminary at Codrington College in Barbados, I interviewed one of my lecturers and I asked him what advice he would offer to those preparing to be ordained soon. He quickly answered, “Know what it is to which you are being called and bolster it with a heavy degree of spirituality.” Those words have stuck with me ever since and I think it is worth offering to all who are being ordained at any time throughout the year."

                              Services at St George's

Wednesdays 12.15pm led by Rev. Gerry Moore

Thursdays Healing Service 10.30 a.m.

Sunday September 22, 8.00 am & 10.30am.

Dean Davidson to preach

Church School & Nursery at 10.30am


Coventry Litany of Reconciliation
Fridays 12 noon on front steps
with Bishop Michael Oulton.
September 12 was the 5th anniversary
of the Litany at the Cathedral.
A commitment of Bishop Michael Oulton!

Located at the corner of King and Johnson Streets