October 23, 2016

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Rev. Don Davidson


Many years ago in the week before Thanksgiving, I went to visit an old friend who looked after the product giveaway for Omstead foods in Wheatley.  I wanted to pick up food to assist the St. John’s Kitchen.  My friend gave me instructions on where to go when I got to the factory, and so I headed out.
Upon arrival at Omstead’s, I went in to find out which door they wanted me at.  The place was filled with sullen workers who were not very happy to be there.  I told them what I was there for,  and the man to whom I spoke sort of pointed in the direction of one bay, and said pull up there.
      I pulled my little Dodge Neon up to the loading bay, and when the bay door opened,  the man there said,  “You can’t carry much of a donation in that thing.”  I responded, “Well let’s put in what we can. “
     Something interesting happened.  As we filled my trunk, the guys began to ask me about St. John’s Kitchen.  Then they started to get invested in trying to get as much in as possible.  Soon frozen food filled my entire back seat, and front passenger’s seat.  The springs on the car were completely compressed by the weight of donated food! But that isn’t the interesting thing.  The group of employees there in the warehouse, who had been sullen and unhappy were now beaming, laughing, and having a great time.  They had been transformed by recognizing how blessed they were.
     There is healing to be found in Thanksgiving.  Come and experience it.

Rev. Don