September 19, 2017

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George
in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Very Rev. Don Davidson
 Dean & Rector




Welcome back!

The fall program of the Cathedral is back in full swing.  Choirs are rehearsing, various ministry groups are coming back together,  and the whole building is buzzing with activity. All these amazing activities run throughout the year, but it is only in these September days that I come to realize just how many people are involved in so many ministries that effect the life of our city and beyond.

The worship in our Cathedral is glorious, and provides opportunity for people to experience the holy, and to take a break from the frantic life they lead and recharge in the presence of God.

There is much that is VERY good that is going on here in St. George’s Cathedral. No matter what your needs, come and take some time here.  I am certain that there is something here that will feed your spirit and send you off  refreshed and renewed.

Don † 

September 13, 2017