March 26, 2019

Welcome to St. George's Cathedral
in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Lent is so much more than meaningless abstinence. It is about giving up the little things to grow in our ability to not give in to the larger things. It is about growing in patience with ourselves and in relationship with God through prayer. It is about remembering God’s incredible mercy and His never-ending desire to forgive us – to forgive you, to forgive me. It is about growing in humility; because the sooner we recognize we can’t do it all on our own, the quicker we realize God has it all under control.

Rachel Penate

March 25, 2019

Wednesday  12.15pm Holy Eucharist
Thursday  10.30am Healing Service
Friday 11.50am Coventry Litany of Reconciliation

Sunday March 31  8am (BCP) & 10.30 am (BAS p.185)
4pm Solemn High Mass

Located at the corner of King and Johnson Streets