February 19, 2017

Out of respect for others, please avoid using scented products.

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Very Rev. Don Davidson


Years ago, the first time I visited Jerusalem, I led my group in following the Via Dolorosa from Pilate’s judgement Hall to Golgatha, and ultimately to the tomb of Jesus Christ.  One place along that path has always stood out for me.  At the 7th station along that path there is a simple roman cross engraved in a stone wall.  At its centre there is a deep hole worn in that cross by the number of hands that have reached out to touch that cross through the centuries.  Sometimes,  places become more holy to us because they are worn “thin” by the number of times people have visited them; by the number of times people have experienced God in that place.
     This week we celebrated Flag Day, to mark the advent of the Maple Leaf as the flag of this great nation.  It seems all the more important in light of the fact that this year marks the 150th anniversary of our confederation to form this country.  I know that I look forward to great celebrations here in Kingston this summer to mark that momentous event.  At the same time, that also drew to mind for me, that this year marks 225 years since the founding of this parish; 225 years since Lord Simcoe made his oaths of office on the steps of St. George’s, and 155 years since its establishment as the Cathedral of the Diocese of Ontario.  We have so much to celebrate.  Over 225 years, this place has been a gathering place for countless Christians.  It has been the place where so many great events of our religious, and our national life have happened.  There is a holiness in this place that has nothing to do with its life as a Cathedral, but because of the many times that people have come here to meet their God.
     Come out and take an opportunity to just be in this space, and to feel that closeness to God that we all crave. I believe that this is a place that has been worn thin by the number of people who have come here seeking God. 
     Come and wear it a little thinner.

Don +