March 25, 2017

Out of respect for others, please avoid using scented products.

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Very Rev. Don Davidson


Looking back, I think that I have not always had a terribly positive image of Lent.  The big words associated with Lent are not ones that often get “good press’.  “Sacrifice”, “Discipline”, and “self-denial” usually present Lent as something to get through, rather than as a time of grace and a time for growth. 

        This year, I have really tried to look at Lent as a time for a “do-over”.  The church has given me a six week period to take a long and loving look at myself, and my priorities, and to see if they are really in line with the priorities that God has for me.  The do-over comes in the fact that since I am human,  I know that there are places where I have missed the mark,  and the season of Lent invites me to take a step back and try to get those right. 

        We are at the half-way point of Lent, or at least we will be by the time this message gets posted. Have you discovered any grace on your walk down this Lenten pathway?  Have you seen yourself growing spiritually? Even if, here at half-time you think you haven’t, there’s still time left for a do-over.

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