January 17, 2017

Out of respect for others, please avoid using scented products.

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Very Rev. Don Davidson


As many of you know, I served a parish that had a Spanish language congregation.  It was always a joy to get in contact with the ways that another culture celebrated the same Christian holidays in their own way.  At Christmas, as we were gathered for Lessons and Carols at Christmas, the Spanish were gathered in prayer in the “Novena de Navidad.” 
    Epiphany was perhaps my favourite of the festivals of that Spanish congregation.  As we, so often had packed up our Christmas decorations and moved back to normal living, they were gearing up for the biggest of their Christmas celebrations.  “La Fiesta de Los Tres Reyes” is a huge celebration among the Hispanic population.  I often found myself in San Juan Puerto Rico for the celebration.  With far better weather on January 6th than we usually have, the celebration of Epiphany was done with street parties, parades, dancing, and visits by the Three Kings throughout the city.  Children begin in early December to build a small box, which they fill with soil and grow grass in, so that they have something for the camels of the kings to graze upon when they visit their homes. 
    The whole of the twelve days of Christmas was celebrated with gusto among the Spanish people to whom I ministered.  From Christmas Morning until Epiphany, houses were filled with family and celebration.
    Epiphany literally means, to be, or to become light.  It is the season that lies ahead of our January 6th celebration, and it is the season in which we seek to unpack what the entry into creation of the light of the world means.  What does it mean for us to bear the light of Christ out into the world.
    For myself, I will take time on January 6th to pray the traditional Epiphany prayers of my Old Spanish congregation on “La Fiesta de los Tres Reyes.”  I will celebrate by making some Latin food (Most likely Colombian Empanadas de Papas). 
    But more than anything, I will look forward to once again wrestling with the question of what it means that the light of Christ has come into my world.  I hope you will come and take that journey with me. 

Don +