December 19, 2014

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Very Reverend Mary Irwin-Gibson,

A new season begins for the Church. Advent invites our minds to look forward in expectation and longing. At the same time, the music and biblical readings of the season remind us that God comes to us unexpectedly. This means that we are to be ready whenever and however that happens. Yet, we are so busy and caught up in day to day activities that we lose sight of our long term plan to live in God’s Kingdom at all times; to always be ready and always on the lookout for God’s opportunities. A life in the Kingdom includes the time when we are waiting, anticipating, being alert, watchful, conscious, and ready – all the while living our normal day-to-day lives – a challenging task to be sure

Happy watching, waiting and readiness!

Mary  +