December 8, 2016

Out of respect for others, please avoid using scented products.

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of St. George

in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Very Rev. Don Davidson


As I thought on the season that we now move into in the church year; the season of a fresh new year, I find myself thinking of playing as a child.  Advent is a time of expectation; a time of waiting and excitement for what lies ahead.  Children are far better at expectation than most of us as adults.  I think of my nieces and nephews, and their questions of “how many sleeps before…” whatever it is that they are expectantly waiting for.

Our society wants to do a headlong run through Advent to the commercial extravaganza that is Christmas.  Advent tells us to slow down; to wait expectantly for the one we long to meet in our Christmas celebrations. Advent calls us to take time in our day for prayer, and for quiet, to consider what it is that we wait for. Advent calls us to get ready; not simply cleaning house to be prepared for our Christmas guests, but to clean house spiritually for the coming Christ. 

Waiting is hard for most of us, but perhaps this year we can let the expectancy of Advent creep into our hearts this year.  With excitement in our voices,  let us say,  “How many more sleeps before he comes?” Like children playing, prepare yourself for our Lord to say, “Ready or not, here I come!”

Don +