April 6, 2020

Children's Choir

The Children’s Choir rehearses on Fridays 4:15pm to 5:15pm and sings monthly on Sundays from September to May. Boys and girls aged 7 to 13 are invited to do a month-long trial period with the choir. There is no membership fee, and no prerequisites. The choir sings two terms per year: September to December, and January to May. Children may choose to sing for a single term or both. The fun and fellowship of singing together is augmented by the occasional party and other special events, like singing the National Anthem at the Frontenacs hockey game!

Choir Brochure
Informal recording from December 2013
Information/Permission Form
Children's Choir Handbook


Children’s Choir Schedule

Term 2 (2020)

- Fri Jan 10, 4:15pm-5:15pm, first Term 2 rehearsal
- Sun Feb 9, 9:30am for 10:30am service
- Mon Feb 17 (Family Day), 1:20pm for 2pm National Anthem, Frontenacs Hockey, Leon’s Centre (choir shirts)
- Feb TBA, Kiwanis Music Festival Class
- Sun Mar 8, 9:30am for 10:30am service
- Sun Apr 12, 9:15am for 10:30am service (EASTER)
- Fri Apr 17, NO REHEARSAL
- Fri May 1, Great Hall setup for tea and concert?
- Sat May 2, 1pm setup, 2pm warmup, 3pm tea and concert (choir shirts)
- Fri May 8, Closing Party

Choir portrait by Warren Thwing, October 2018



In rehearsal



Singing the National Anthem at the Frontenacs Hockey game! February 2014