September 27, 2020


In the late 1920's the Woodstock Organ Company provided St. George's Cathedral with a three manual organ on which today's instrument is based.

Dr. George Maybee initiated a massive rebuilding project, completed in 1963. Thirty-two new ranks were installed along with a new console closely resembling that of Westminster Abbey. The British firm of Hill, Norman and Beard was chosen to complete the work.

In the mid 1980's the organ was again rebuilt, this time by the Caron Pipe Organ Company of Montreal. A solid-state electronic console replaced the previous electro-pneumatic console.

The most recent renovation was completed in 2012 by Sylvain Brisson and Alain Gagnon, including a new console, and restoration and expansion of all divisions. This magnificent instrument continues to serve the Cathedral and the wider community.

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Hear the organ played by Cathedral Organ Scholar Osbert Zalay.

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