October 19, 2018

Agnostic Explorations Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. !

The Agnostic Exploration group will meet on three consecutive Wednesday evenings. October 17, 24 and 31, with light refreshments to follow till 9:00pm. 
We promise to be out by 9!

Absolutely everyone is welcome!!

The topic for this series is Doubts and Loves: The challenge and Virtue of Doubts as Christians. We have three articles for discussion, by some who have stayed in the church and others who have left it. All articles are available electronically, or in hard copy from the cathedral office. The first session will be led by Eric Friesen and is based some interview questions posed to Philip Yancy. Weeks two and three will be based on articles by C. Norman Kraus and Meghan Sullivan both of whom are academics but write about their personal challenges.
Contact person Ruth Oliver.