August 6, 2020

Sponsorship Committee Seeks Furnishings!

The Sponsorship Committee looks forward to welcoming the HOMSI family, parents, boy (10) and girl (12) to Canada and Kingston in the near future.  We need to furnish an apartment for them.
We DO NOT have a place to store the items for them, but would like people to review this list and keep them in mind for later.
Speak to Jann or email her at jnnvan@gmail .com to let her know what you can offer!
Thank you to all who support this wonderful initiative of the parish!


1 sofa

2 armchairs

1 bookshelf

1 stand for TV

2 end tables

2 floor lamps

2 table lamps

5'x7' (approximate) area rug

1 queen size new mattress

1 queen size mattress cover (new)

2 sets queen size sheets

4 new bed pillows

2 single bed mattresses, box springs and mattress pads (new)

1 queen sized blanket (new)

4 sets of single bed sheets

2 single bed blankets

8 bath towels

12 face cloths (new)

2 desk chairs

1 computer

1 computer printer

2 desk lamps

2 Electric Fans

Boot tray

Shopping cart

Shower curtain and rings

Rugs for back and front door entries

Dish cloths, tea towels

Small bathroom rug


1 large frying pan

2 saucepans (1 large, 1 small), both with lids

1 soup pot

Carving, bread,  chopping, paring knives

Spatulas, metal spoons, whisk, tongs

Food processor

Tea kettle

Plastic storage containers

Personal Items



Toothbrushes, toothpaste

Combs, brushes