August 12, 2020

Melos Choir and Period Instruments

Updated December 2019

Welcome to Melos' 2019/20 season! Enter the stillness of a Mediaeval cloister, or a raucous Renaissance tavern hall; hear Arabic inspiration in historic music of the Mediterranean. Join Melos’ talented choir, soli and virtuosic period instruments as we explore the breadth of beautiful music from the 12th-18th centuries.

Join us on October 4th, in a musical and visual tour of the western perceptions of nature over time. With guests, Sine Nomine Ensemble for Mediaeval Music and field naturalists Amy Bodman and Peter Fuller, our historic music is set against a rich tapestry of Mediaeval and modern depictions of nature’s persistent wonders.

On December 6th, Melos offers another stellar Advent program with an exultant Christmas finish, as we plumb the depths of Germany’s rich seasonal legacy: from the soothing chant of Hildegard von Bingen to the orchestrated joys of Praetorius and Bach.

Our Cloister to Carnival fundraising event on February 28th combines spontaneous performances of a broad range of early music with our ever-popular Silent Auction of Talents and Experiences.

On May 8th, we will explore the musical talents of European and Middle Eastern women, and the perceptions and strictures they faced in the early musical world. Guest specialists in Middle Eastern music join Melos’ musicians on qanun, santour, percussion and oud with historic readings.

Open Workshops: see our website early in 2020.

Please come listen, learn, sing or play with us!

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Holly Gwynne-Timothy, Artistic Director

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