October 19, 2020

The Projects Group

The Projects Group is a volunteer committee of women in the Cathedral who raise funds mainly for restoration and renovation of the Cathedral. Our accomplishments include a 10 year renovation of the Cathedral’s stained glass windows, significant financial support to the renovation of the Great Hall and kitchen, and the installation of the new lighting fixtures in the Hall. The Group also made a significant financial contribution (in 2011) to the development of this website. 

Funds for these and other projects are raised through the annual Art for Heritage Show and Sale and other events.  A significant addition to Art for Heritage in 2010 was the inauguration of the VALERIE DALTON Award in recognition of VALERIE'S tremendous inspiration and hard work in initiating and developing this event.  This is the People's Choice award, for which everyone can vote!  In this second year of the award, the Projects Group is saddened by VALERIE'S death on August 28, 2011.

This hard-working and sociable group always welcomes new members. Please contact Mary Ann  through the Cathedral office or at office@stgeorgescathedral.ca