September 25, 2020

The Bishop's Little Flock


Bishop Allan Read started this Wednesday Communion service almost thirty-five years ago after he was consecrated in 1981. Though he loved travelling around the Diocese visiting at every one of the churches Sunday after Sunday he missed having his own congregation. Hence the Little Flock. He used to bring slides of his travels with Mrs Read, both on cruise ships and other continental travels. He spoke about the history of the churches they visited and the countries. And every week he had us sign cards which he made for shut-ins across the Diocese from old cards he recycled by ripping off the fronts and writing on the back. So we prayed for specific people all across the Diocese! As well, he always made a cake and iced and candled it for our birthdays. Sprinkles and all! His greeting to everyone was a blessed "God loves you, ______", and he wouldn't let go your hand until you said back to him, "God loves you too Bishop." Some of us try to carry on that lovely tradition.

     Blessedly we have had another "old Bishop," George Bruce who has agreed to shepherd the Little Flock, even though he is due an well-earned retirement. Through the years the focus for homilies has changed and at present we learn about the saints as close to their calendar dates as we meet, and we benefited from Bishop Bruce's wealth of historical knowledge.

     Currently we have Reverend Gerald Moore leading the Flock!

     In the past, when the Bishop travelled he made invitations through the whole Diocese to come to the Little Flock when they had to come to Kingston. So we were glad to welcome someone from Bancroft or Coe Hill, or Trenton or Newbliss when they came to Kingston for a medical appointment or errands.  We re-issue this original invitation and would be delighted to receive any of you on Wednesdays at noon. We used to fill the chairs; normally now we are about twelve, but swell sometimes to eighteen or twenty. The little Mary Chapel in the Cathedral is a place for all in the Diocese to come and be renewed.

     Blessings, from The Bishop's Little Flock.

Written by Shirley Margaret Adamson, one of  The Bishop's Little Flock.  Revised 2016, 2020.